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About Us

A bit about what we do...

NAJMI International is your one-stop shop for Global shipping, Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearing.


At competitive rates, our friendly and attentive staff will provide you with reliable, transparent and a personalized service, covering every detail of shipping your goods around the world. We are part of a global network of shipping and forwarding companies dedicated to providing you with a professional service.


With over 15 years’ experience in freight forwarding and members of FIATA and the Zambia Customs forwarding Agent Association (ZCFAA), Njami Internation provides the know-how to handle any challenge that may arise with your imports and exports so you can focus on your own business.



1. Removals in Bond - We have a vast customs bond which allows for huge volumes of removals through and into the country. We also have the capacity to increase our bond to ensure our clients are never disrupted. 

2. Final Clearing Bulk Goods - We aim to clear consignments well within the stipulated ZRA clearance period and deliver as promptly as possible. For road importations, pre-clearances are arranged well in advance hence reducing on delays at the border. All our employees are fully trained and knowledgeable on all Zambia Revenue Authority conditions and procedures. 

3. Notifying clients of all the goods that might be in transit - At Najmi International we ensure our clients are continuously updated and encourage clients and clients’ suppliers to send pre-alerts of their shipments so that we can track the consignment. We provide a draft copy of an entry which is used for invoicing purposes. Resulting in us giving a list of all the contact persons, at all the borders where we operate, who are able to pre-clear consignments as they arrive at these borders. This ensures that there are NO Penalty and Demurrage charges incurred.

1. Delivery Services from discharge to client’ s destination

- Shipping: we have the capacity to package and ship consignments from all over the world. 

- Transportation: Our large fleet of Insured trucks are used to transport goods from all borders to any specified destination, both in and outside Zambia. Furthermore our transport is available 24 hours a day with qualified handling staff to ensure the safe loading and offloading of goods. 

- Logistics: With an international dynamic, we have the ability to provide multi modal logistics services.

2. Providing Warehousing

- Najmi International has a Customs and Excise Licensed Transit Area where we provide storage for un –costumed goods pending the completion of customs formalities. Custom cleared goods are also stored while awaiting delivery to specified destinations. Our storage area is a safe and secure premises, and boasts 24 hours security.

1. We offer free consultancy services to our clients on all customs and excise related issues.

2. With warehouses in Lusaka and Ndola we provide our clients’ storage for all consignments as they await delivery to specified destinations.

3. We provide custom clearance resolutions for businesses of all sizes. We tailor our services for specific to our clients.


Our Team

A reliable service..

At Najmi International our team comprises of well trained and experienced members who are fully conversant with all:

- Statutory rules and regulations,
- Customs documentary requirements,
- Limitations and regulations
- Benefits and concession

Contact Us

Contact Us


TEL: +260 211 243477/8
Mobile: +260 977 790285


TEL: +971 4 2949574
Mobile: +971 526951821


TEL: +86 579 85585905/06/07/8
Mobile: +86 13388666868/13388666866